U.S. supports resumption of dialogue in Venezuela without alluding to possible gestures

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro – -/Prensa Miraflores/dpa

The U.S. Government has applauded the agreement between Chavismo and the Venezuelan opposition to resume the dialogue, with the doubt still remaining as to the extent to which the U.S. Administration can become involved in the process, for example, by easing the sanctions in force against the Executive of Nicolás Maduro.

«We welcome the return to dialogue between the Venezuelan parties this week, we hope they will work toward alleviating the humanitarian challenges facing Venezuelans and free and fair elections,» said Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian A. Nichols.

The United States, Nichols said on Twitter, «continues to support the Venezuelan people as they seek a better future.»

Joe Biden’s Administration, which technically does not recognize Maduro as president of Venezuela, has promoted a battery of sanctions that it would be willing to evaluate if there is any kind of political progress in the South American country, as senior U.S. officials have expressed on several occasions.

Among the possible gestures is a partial concession to the oil company Chevron so that it can expand its operations in Venezuela, provided that there is some kind of progress in the talks that are now starting in Mexico, according to sources consulted by the Bloomberg agency. This temporary permit would leave the state-owned oil company PDVSA out of the potential benefits.