UK announces new aid package to Ukraine

United Kingdom Foreign Secretary James Cleverly – Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly announced on Friday during his first official visit to Ukraine the delivery of a new aid package to Kiev in the face of the military offensive launched on February 24 by Russia.

Cleverly, who met in Kiev with the President and Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski and Dimitro Kuleba, respectively, announced the delivery of three million pounds (about 3.5 million euros) to the Fund for a Resilient Ukraine, funds aimed at rebuilding local infrastructure.

The minister arrived in Ukraine on Thursday in what the British Foreign Office describes as «part of the UK’s efforts to ensure that the country has the crucial practical support it needs in the run-up to winter». He said in a statement published on its website that «Russia is seeking to exploit the harsh winter in Ukraine by continuing its brutal attacks on civilian and energy infrastructure to exacerbate the existing humanitarian crisis.»

Cleverly has indicated that «as winter approaches, Russia continues to try to break Ukrainian resolve with brutal attacks on civilians, hospitals and energy infrastructure.» «Russia will fail,» he has stressed. «UK stands shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine,» he has said, while detailing that the new aid package «to Ukrainian friends» includes «from ambulances to crucial support for survivors of sexual violence committed by the Russian Army.»

The British foreign minister, who met with Zelenski early Friday, posted a message on his account on the social network Twitter in which he conveyed to the Ukrainian president that «UK supports with action, not just words.» «Today I made him that word. UK intends to keep it,» he added.

On the other hand, he has thanked Kuleba for «receiving him in Kiev» and reiterated that «words are not enough». «Words will not keep the lights on this winter. Words will not be a defense against Russian missiles,» he has explained. «UK is not just talking about Ukraine, we are giving concrete support for the defense of Ukraine,» he has concluded.