Evo Morales criticizes the «traitors» led by Arce who have agreed to «governability in exchange for impunity».

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The leader of the Bolivian ruling party, Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), Evo Morales, has criticized the agreement reached between the Government and the opposition and has particularly charged against the «traitors» led by President Luis Arce who have agreed to «governability in exchange for impunity».

«I am sorry to see that the smear campaign against the national leadership of MAS-IPSP continues. The operators of the impunity pact that allied themselves by the law of the coup plotters, unite to attack us. Governability in exchange for impunity is the true betrayal of the people,» Morales posted on Twitter this Saturday.

He had previously assured that «to justify and disguise their pact with the right, the traitorous renovators accuse the MAS-IPSP of seeking the shortening of the mandate.» «They forget that the only ones who shorten mandates are their coup allies Camacho, Tuto Quiroga and Mesa. Stop persecuting our militancy,» he said.

In response, the opposition Comunidad Ciudadana considers that these criticisms reveal that Morales is a «dictator» and that he does not understand the logic of democracy.

«Morales only understands politics as zero sum, where the enemy must be crushed, total victories and total defeats must be achieved, being that this is not the scenario of democracy but of war, violence and confrontation», said Comunidad Ciudadana deputy Carlos Alarcón.

«When there are legitimate agreements like this one, they obviously dislocate him because they change the political logic, from war to consensus and consensus, which is the true role of a democratic parliament. He is a dictator, an autocrat, he does not understand democracy where, in a plural society, the only way to resolve conflicts is through democratic institutionality», he argued.

For former president Jorge ‘Tuto’ Quiroga, «Evo is hysterical: He does not want peace in Bolivia, nor does he want to clean up the electoral roll, nor redistribute resources, nor redesign seats for the 2025 elections».