One arrested for attempting to steal Banksy mural in Ukraine

Attempted theft of Banksy mural in Gostomel, Ukraine – ADMINISTRACIÓN MILITAR DE KIEV

Ukrainian authorities have reported the arrest of one person for the attempted theft of a mural painted by artist Banksy in Gostomel, Kiev region.

«A group of people have tried to steal a Banksy graffiti. They have cut out the image from the wall of a house that had been destroyed by the Russians,» the head of the Kiev Region Military Administration, Oleksii Kuleba, explained in a message posted on Telegram.

The suspect has been detained at the scene itself. «I thank the Police and the Army for their quick response,» he said.

Kuleba has assured that the graffiti has not been damaged and stressed that there are agents already investigating what happened. Now they are studying what to do with the work, which has been separated from the wall.

«I want to emphasize that Banksy’s works in the Kiev region are protected by the police. After all, these images are a symbol of our struggle against the enemy. They testify to the support and solidarity with Ukraine of the whole civilized world,» he stressed.

«We will do everything possible to preserve these works of street art, a symbol of our future victory,» Kuleba stressed.