Ukraine believes $60 cap on Russian oil is still too high

File – File image of a refinery in Germany. – Patrick Pleul/dpa

Ukrainian Presidency advisor Andrei Yermak said Saturday that the $60 (57 euros) cap on Russian oil agreed by the EU-27 on Friday is still too high and insisted on halving the price.

«It should be lowered to $30 to destroy the enemy’s economy faster,» Yermak let it be known on his Twitter account. This price was the one recommended by Poland and the Baltic countries.

«We always achieve our goal and Russia’s economy will be destroyed. Russia will pay and will be responsible for all crimes,» Yermak has assured.

The measure follows the agreement reached within the G7 for a cap between $65 and $70 on Russian crude, and is aimed at oil transported by sea and will not affect oil arriving in Europe via pipeline, following the exception achieved by Hungary and other landlocked European partners citing their heavy dependence on Russian oil.

The Ukrainian advisor has also advocated the possible creation of a special war crimes court for Ukraine. «Russia is very scared, because they know that Ukraine will get away with it,» he has assured.