Former prime minister Bellido believes Castillo may have been drugged and «induced» to call for dissolution of Congress

Archive – Guido Bellido and Pedro Castillo. – PRESIDENCIA PERÚ

The former Prime Minister of Peru, Guido Bellido, has speculated on Thursday about the «psychological state» of former President Pedro Castillo at the time he read the message announcing the dissolution of Congress on Wednesday and has asked for «a toxicological test» to be carried out on him because he could «have been induced».

«The psychological state of Pedro Castillo when he read the message to the nation evidences that he was not within his faculties, this makes us presume that he could have been induced, a toxicological test is urgently needed», he claimed.

«Those of us who elected Pedro Castillo as president of the republic, demand the head of the person who wrote the presidential message knowing that the Congress could not be dissolved outside the laws. The intellectual author must answer to the people,» he has demanded in Bellido in his Twitter profile.

Bellido, the first of the five prime ministers that Castillo had, has assured that there are «indications» that the former president «was forced to read the message» in which he announced the closure of Congress. «Whoever drafted the text did it with the purpose of giving argument to the vacancy,» he has lucubrated.

Bellido has insisted on this theory in the Peruvian media, from where he has accused «the president’s advisors» of having «made his bed», although he has clarified that although he does not seek to «victimize» him, neither to «bury» him.

«It is a very regrettable fact, it has been a really disastrous decision, to choose to close the Congress of the Republic,» he said on RPP radio station.

In this sense, Bellido has demanded that the alleged «architects» of Castillo’s fall be located. A theory that in Peru could involve the also former prime minister Aníbal Torres and his successor, Betssy Chávez, who were with the former president during his arrest.

Who has pointed directly to former Prime Minister Torres has been the secretary general of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, who has assured that he «removed» Castillo from the party, «taking away its main political base» and promoting «dissidence» among the party’s congressmen.

«Aníbal Torres was the de facto president,» he has written on Twitter. Cerrón has accused the former prime minister of having «fractioned» Peru’s bench and of «despising» its program. «He led him to ‘dissolve’ Congress and prepared a coup speech as a good ‘fuji’,» he has said in reference to the Fujimori.