Slovakia compares negotiating peace with Russia to the dialogues with Hitler that led to WWII

Archive – Slovakia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Rastislav Kacer. – Dano Veselsk/TASR/dpa

Slovakia’s Foreign Minister Rastislav Kacer on Thursday warned those who are in favor of negotiating an end to the war with Russia without taking into account Ukraine’s demands, that something similar happened with Adolf Hitler and that «led to the destruction of Czechoslovakia and World War II».

«What Russia is doing in Ukraine was not, is not and will never be acceptable,» the head of Slovak diplomacy remarked during a joint press conference in Kiev with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dimitro Kuleba.

«To those who say that ‘we want peace, we are for negotiations’, we always say that we have already experienced that with Hitler (…) We know that this led to the destruction of the then Czechoslovakia, the beginning of the Second World War and the loss of tens of millions of people,» he has warned.

«We will never repeat this. We have learned the lessons of history and I will support you until the end,» Kacer emphasized, who has bet that it is Ukraine who will decide on what terms the war should end.

In this sense, Kacer pointed out that the version that should prevail is «Ukrainian peace», with which «it will restore its borders and completely recover its sovereign territory». However, he explained, that even under these terms, «this is not final».

«This will happen when Russia will not pose a threat to the international community and when Ukraine will become a full participant in all important European meetings,» he has remarked.

This week the Slovak government approved a new package of military aid to Ukraine, including not only weapons and combat vehicles, but also equipment for Ukrainian forces.