Yolanda Diaz and Zapatero participate this Monday in an event in support of Cristina Fernandez in Buenos Aires

Second Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, speaks during a meeting with groups representing social housing, at the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, on December 2, 2022, in Madrid (Spain). – Alejandro Martínez Vélez – Europa Press

The Second Vice-President and Minister of Labor of Spain, Yolanda Díaz, and former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero will participate next Monday, December 12, in an act of support and solidarity with the Vice-President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, after being sentenced to six years in prison for corruption, organized by the Puebla Group and which will take place in Buenos Aires.

This was announced in a communiqué by Grupo Puebla itself, a space for the coordination of progressive leaders of Ibero-American countries, which also details the attendance of the former presidents of Bolivia, Evo Morales, of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, of Uruguay, Pepe Mujica, and of Colombia, Ernesto Samper.

The entity has explained that with the «support and impulse» of the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, it deploys this international meeting of «solidarity» with Cristina Fernández, in the face of the «political and judicial persecution of which she has been a victim since 2015, which became evident with the recent judicial conviction against her».

Under the name ‘From the military party to the judicial party, threats to democracy’, the event will take place at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) and, as detailed by Grupo Puebla, will seek to «denounce» that Fernández de Kirchner «has been the victim of a political trial orchestrated by the right wing with justice operators and media to remove her from the democratic debate».

After learning of the court ruling, the ministers of the purple party, Ione Belarra and Irene Montero, also expressed their support for the Argentine vice-president.

The leader of the formation and head of Social Rights moved through a message in networks the support to Kirchner, after a «political» trial armed by «the right and some corrupt judges», which has resulted in this conviction. «An absolute and intolerable outrage to democracy,» he said.

For his part, Montero censured that «the judicial and media war is the tool of the powerful to stop democratic advances». «They seek to discipline millions by destroying one. It will not work out well for them, we are more. Vice-president, dear Cristina, we are all with you», the Minister of Equality said to the Argentinean leader.