United States «looks forward to working closely» with the «unity government» of Peru’s President Dina Boluarte

Archive – U.S. Ambassador to Peru Lisa Kenna in Lima, Peru – Alberto Orbegoso/Presidencia Per / DPA

The United States has indicated that it «looks forward to working closely» with the «unity government» led by Peru’s new president, Dina Boluarte, after Pedro Castillo was dismissed by the Peruvian Congress on Wednesday shortly after he announced the closure of Parliament and declared a government of emergency.

The U.S. Ambassador to Peru, Lisa Kenna, has indicated that Washington is «closely following the political situation» in the country, while she has expressed her «readiness» to work with Peru to promote democracy, social inclusion and prosperity.

«In difficult times like these, we remain steadfast in our support for the Peruvian people and their representatives,» she said, according to a statement.

«We call on Peru’s democratic institutions to continue to work hand in hand with the new government in a constructive, inclusive and transparent manner to bring peace to the Peruvian people,» Kenna added.

Castillo’s executive has been overcome by strong political pressures and investigations into alleged corruption against him since the beginning of his term in July 2021. The former president is now detained for the next seven days while the investigation against him for alleged rebellion by the Attorney General’s Office continues.