Peru authorities point to «concerted and planned» action in anti-government protests

Archive – Police in Lima, Peru – Lucas Aguayo Araos/dpa

The Government of Peru has pointed out this Friday that the disturbances registered in the recent demonstrations respond to a «concerted and planned» action to favor certain political interests and «blackmail» the Executive.

This was stated at a press conference by the Minister of the Interior, Vicente Romero, assuring that they are trying to «blackmail» the Peruvian Government through violence, as reported by Andina.

«There is a duly concerted and planned action that mainly obeys political interests», said Romero, assuring that the demonstrators are seeking to increase the number of fatalities.

For the head of the Interior Ministry, the attacks on the headquarters of various institutions «show that they want to unleash chaos».

In this sense, he detailed that during the day on Friday four police officers have been transferred from the department of Puno to medical centers after they were injured in clashes against demonstrators, according to the aforementioned agency.

He also praised the security forces, who, according to him, acted «very professionally in spite of the situation, which is very complex».