U.S. Navy task force deserter dies in Ukraine

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The U.S. Army has announced the death of a deserter during the war in Ukraine who may have been killed in combat against Russian forces, U.S. Navy sources told ‘Time’ magazine.

Officially, the US Navy has limited itself to identifying the deceased as Daniel Swift, who died on February 18. The magazine’s sources have however specified that Swift belonged to the Navy’s special operations force, the Navy SEALs, until March 11, 2019, when he left the corps and was declared an «active deserter».

Swift’s records list several awards involving combat deployments, including an Iraq Campaign Medal, an Afghanistan Campaign Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and a Legion of Merit.

The U.S. Navy has preferred «not to elucidate» in public about Swift’s presence in Ukraine, while ‘Time’s’ sources have given no information on the exact circumstances of his death beyond that he was the victim of a Russian attack.

The US State Department has only confirmed the death of an American in recent days and the initiation of procedures to repatriate his remains.