German Patriot defense systems begin to be transferred to Poland

Archive – German Armed Forces convoy transports Patriot anti-aircraft missile batteries to Slovakia ahead of war in Ukraine – Frank Molter/dpa

The German Army on Monday began transferring the first two squadrons of the Patriot air defense system to Poland in order to ensure security on the border of the allied country and NATO.

An Armed Forces convoy departed early in the morning from the town of Gnoin, in the northeastern Polish state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, with two of the three systems that Germany plans to send, according to Die Welt newspaper. It is a convoy of about 40 vehicles and 150 troops.

These systems are scheduled to be moved to the town of Zamosc in southeastern Poland, which is about 60 kilometers from the Ukrainian border and 110 kilometers from the town of Lviv.

The convoy will have to travel about 1,100 kilometers to reach its destination. The German military went to Poland on January 16 to ensure the installation of part of the system’s components, a task for which they have been assisted by Polish military personnel.

Germany offered to send these systems to Poland after two people died at the beginning of November following the fall of a missile on Polish territory.