Argentina’s president to create group to outline «electoral rules» for ruling coalition

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The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, announced this Sunday his intention to convene «in the next few days» a round table to design the «electoral rules» of the ruling coalition, the Frente de Todos, with a view to the next elections.

Fernández, leader of the Judicial Party, the main axis of the Peronist bloc, aspires to elaborate a common «strategy», with a debate open to other sectors that want to accompany the Frente de Todos in «the same project of country».

«It is my intention that the referents that converge with diverse views in Peronism (…) establish the rules of competition that will sustain the unity that will lead us to victory», the president stressed in a statement.

The Argentine president has advocated for «a country that recovers courts that impart justice and do not submit to de facto powers», in the midst of the debate about the judicial cases opened against high-ranking officials, including Vice-President Cristina Fernández.

«We do not want Argentina to return to a past of persecution of opponents, indebtedness, capital flight, falling wages and deindustrialization as we suffered during the government of Juntos por el Cambio», he said, referring to the stage of Mauricio Macri.

The commission announced by Fernández had already been requested by several voices of the coalition, which aspires to maintain its quotas of power in view of a renewal process that will affect the Congress but also the Presidency. Argentines are called to elect their next president in October.