Italy.- Tajani expresses doubts about a possible nomination of Di Maio as EU envoy for the Persian Gulf

Archivo – El ex-Minister de Exteriores de Italia, Luigi di Maio – Europa Press/Contacto/Fabio Sasso

Italy’s Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has expressed doubts about the possible nomination of his predecessor Luigi di Maio as a possible new European Union envoy for the Persian Gulf in response to the appearance in the Italian media of a letter of recommendation from the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, in favor of the Italian politician.

In his letter, sent on Friday to the representatives of the Member States and picked up this Sunday by the ‘Corriere della Sera’, Borrell states that Di Maio is, in his opinion, »the best candidate» to fill the post, pending study and final ratification by the European Commission, as he understands that »he fulfills the necessary international political profile».

Tajani, in response, has indicated that the nomination of Di Maio »is a choice of Borrell, and a legitimate one, but he is not the candidate of the Italian Government», as he has made known in comments to the program »Mezz’ora in più», of RaiTre.

It should be recalled that Di Maio was a former member of the 5 Star Movement and has always been associated with center-left sectors, far from the political positions of the current right-wing government that leads Italy.

This is what sources of the La Liga party have made known to ‘La Reppublica’. »Italians have chosen the center-right, not the left. This decision by Brussels is a shameful decision and an insult to Italy and thousands of intelligent diplomats», they added.