Ex-Swedish far-right parliamentarian joins Ukrainian Armed Forces

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Carolyn Nordengrip, who between 2018 and 20022 held a seat in the Swedish Parliament–Riksdag–for the far-right Sweden Democrats party, has confirmed that she has joined the regular forces of the Ukrainian Army.

Nordengrip has confirmed the news through his Instagram profile, from where he thanked all the messages of support he has been receiving after learning of his decision to join the Ukrainian forces.

In a subsequent interview for Radio Svoboda, Nordengrip has confirmed that she will serve in the 47th Magura mechanized brigade and will soon be sent to the front. According to her, she made the decision to leave politics and take this step after she heard from the Ukrainian ambassador to Sweden what was happening in the country.

»It all started in the Riksdag, at a meeting, literally on the second day after the beginning of a war. The ambassador to Sweden told us about the situation in Ukraine. And I remember thinking, »What am I doing here,»’ he has revealed.

»Literally a week later I was already in Ukraine,» said Nordengrip, who had already served as a volunteer in the Kiev region for six weeks in March last year, before having to return to Sweden to finish her parliamentary duties.