Zelenski says Russian society «will remain paralyzed for generations» by Ukraine invasion

President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelesnski. – EUROPAPRESS

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky assured Friday that his country will rebuild everything destroyed by Russian troops, while Russian society «will remain paralyzed for generations» by the invasion of Ukraine.

«We will definitely restore everything they destroy. Each of more than two thousand educational institutions: all kindergartens, all schools, colleges, universities. And most importantly, we will preserve our humanity and civility,» the Ukrainian leader said in his daily message to the population of the country.

In this sense, Zelenski predicted that the Russian society «will remain paralyzed for generations», alluding to the attacks on Ukraine perpetrated by «so many murderers and executioners», and added that it is the «fault» of the country itself.

«There are no words in normal human language that can describe the state to which the Russian state has degraded,» the Ukrainian president said, referring to the attack by Russian forces early Friday on two universities in the southern Ukrainian city of Mikolaiv.

«It is a double crime: to destroy particularly pedagogical institutes, so that there is no educational institution and no new educators can be trained,» Zelenski said.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian head of state thanked the United States for the additional defense assistance approved Thursday by the country’s House of Representatives. «This and other U.S. assistance to our country will significantly strengthen our defense potential,» he added.

«I want to express once again my gratitude to the American people, to President Biden, to the Congress of the United States for all the support we received (…). In the last two weeks alone, three billion euros have been transferred to Ukraine’s budget from the United States,» Zelenski detailed, calling the American country «a leader in the global defense of freedom.»

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