Bolsonaro’s party chief says there were proposals of the coup decree «in everyone’s house.»

Archivo – Jair Bolsonaro. – Ivan Abreu/SOPA Images via ZUMA / DPA

The president of the Liberal Party (PL), Valdemar Costa, has assured that drafts such as the coup decree found in the house of former Justice Minister Anderson Torres, were circulating in the entourage of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro before the inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

However, Costa, who has acknowledged that he himself received proposals of this type, has apologized to Bolsonaro by stating that he «did not want to do anything outside the law» and that any action should follow «the four lines of the Constitution».

«The pressure on him was barbaric. Since people think he is very brave, half altered, half crazy, he thought he could stage a coup. He didn’t do that because there was no way to do it. Are they going to arrest him for that?», Costa asked in an interview to the newspaper ‘O Globo’.

«That proposal that was in the house of the Minister of Justice, that was in everybody’s house. Many people approached me and said, ‘you know I had a similar paper at home’. Imagine if they pay attention,» he pretended to apologize.

Costa insisted on stripping Bolsonaro of any kind of responsibility for what happened on January 8, even stating that the fact that the former president had kept silent since his electoral defeat was his mistake.

«That may have been my mistake, of the politicians, that we did not prepare him for a possible defeat. We never touched that issue, it never crossed his mind,» said Costa, who recounted how Bolsonaro was «shattered» when he visited him after the results were known. «I thought he was going to die,» he said.

«The guy was decomposed (…) he spent four or five days without eating anything. His world collapsed,» said Costa, who is confident that Bolsonaro, upon his return from the United States, which he expects within a week, will take charge of managing the far-right wing of the party. «They will listen to him, but not to me,» he acknowledged.

«He is very important for us. For example, to manage that sector of the right that we have here. People are very far-right, with Bolsonaro here I am in heaven, they listen to him, they are not going to listen to me,» he has said.

Costa has acknowledged that he sees little chance that Bolsonaro can be a candidate for the 2026 elections due to the several judicial processes he has open against him. «He’s going to be convicted for what? What crime did he commit? It’s crazy,» he protested. The former president is being investigated, among other things, for his possible participation in the so-called digital militias, which is looking into attacks on the electoral system and the dissemination of fake news before and during the campaign.