Burkina Faso announces the neutralization of 20 suspected terrorists in the north of the country

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The Burkina Faso Army has announced the »neutralization» of about twenty suspected terrorists during an operation carried out on Monday in the town of Titao, in the north of the African country.

The Armed Forces have indicated that their soldiers have carried out this operation against twenty terrorists after an attack repelled in several attacks in the city, as reported by the AIB news agency.

Burkina Faso, like neighboring Mali, has seen a sharp increase in jihadist attacks in recent years, the work of both Al Qaeda and Islamic State affiliates in the region. Abuses by the security forces against the population have helped these groups in their recruitment efforts.

Such activity has also contributed to an increase in inter-community violence and has led to the flourishing of self-defense groups, to which the Burkinabe government has in recent months recruited volunteers to help in the fight against terrorism. More than 800,000 people have been displaced in the country as a result.