López Obrador says that in the US they use Mexico as a ‘piñata’ with fentanyl to seek ‘political gain’

Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lçopez Obrador. – Europa Press/Contacto/Eyepix

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, regretted Thursday that his country is being used in the United States as a sort of »piñata», first with the immigration issue and now with the fentanyl problem, to get »political mileage».

Mexico has been »grabbed as a piñata to get political advantage» and »now they are going to add the fentanyl issue to the agenda», denounced López Obrador in his morning appearance before the media.

Regarding the fentanyl problem, López Obrador pointed out that it is »unfair» that the United States wants all the responsibility to fall on Mexico and stressed that his country »does not produce the raw material» for this drug, and that his administration has already seized seven tons of this substance.

This crisis, this pandemic that they have not been able to face, they want to use it in a deceitful way to blame Mexico and we must, all Mexicans and Americans, be informed because there is also a lot of manipulation», he said.

López Obrador warned that the »regrettable» idea has spread among U.S. citizens that Latino migrants are responsible for the entry of fentanyl into the United States and questioned the role of some Washington agencies, such as the DEA, for their »dishonesty and corruption».

Likewise, he criticized some Mexican organizations, which are willing to follow the ideology set by the U.S. conservative spheres with previous financing, »as traitors and interventionists».

López Obrador also reproached certain press for manipulating instead of informing. A lie that is repeated many times can become the truth», he said in reference to a report by the British media on the production of fentanyl in Mexico, in which »almost everything is a lie» or »are half-truths».

This report referred to by López Obrador has also been analyzed by the Secretary of the Navy, Admiral Rafael Ojeda Durán, who has criticized its content for being »totally out of context». Thus, he assured that the people appearing in the images do not manufacture fentanyl, but methamphetamine.