Al Shabaab recaptures several strategic locations after violent counteroffensive in central Somalia


The jihadist organization Al Shabaab has recaptured several strategic towns in central Somalia after days of heavy fighting against government forces in the African country, multiple sources have confirmed to the news portal Garowe On Line.

The jihadists have recaptured the town of Deynunay, in the Bay of Somalia, thanks to an offensive with heavy weapons allegedly imported from Yemen. Al Shabaab has also entered Gofgadud Buurey, about 30 kilometers from the town of Baidoa, after an unexplained withdrawal of the Somali Army.

Experts consulted by Garowe on Line have warned that the population of both towns could be subjected to bloody reprisals by the jihadists, given that they have been helping the Somali Army to drive out the terrorists.

On a positive note, according to military sources, Al Shabaab fighters have during the last few hours abandoned the town of Adan Jabal in the northern region of Middle Shabelle, which has been under their control for decades. The Army, they inform the portal Goobjoog, is about to enter the place.

These advances by the jihadists are a blow to the «total war» against Al Shabaab declared by the Somali Army, which has neutralized some 500 fighters in the last three months, according to the Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre.

However, Garowe on Line recalls that since the beginning of the year, Al Shabaab has killed 613 people and wounded more than 900, mostly civilians. The group has been targeting hotels among its targets, such as last week’s assault on the Villa Rays Hotel in Mogadishu, which left more than 15 people dead.