54 percent of Scots support independence in new poll

File – A masked man carrying the Scottish flag during a pro-independence demonstration. – Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/dpa

Some 54 percent of Scots would support leaving the UK in a possible referendum, while 46 percent would support staying in, according to a poll.

The study is prepared by Find Out Now for the Scottish newspaper ‘The National’ and removes from the equation the answers of people who do not know or do not answer the question. It includes 1,002 interviews conducted between January 10 and 12.

Last Monday the British Government announced that it will use Section 35 of the Scotland Act to prevent the Gender Recognition Reform passed by the Scottish Parliament from coming into force, which has raised hackles among Scottish separatists.

«It is clear that the people of Scotland are fed up with the Trumpist denialism of Scottish democracy and the damage caused to the increasingly restrictive control of Westminster,» said Scottish National Party MP Rona Mackay, according to The Press Association news agency.

«Both Labour and the Conservatives are now pro-hard Brexit parties, who want Scotland to remain outside the EU and the common market, with serious consequences for the economy and living standards,» she added.

«More and more people believe that decisions about Scotland should be made by the people who live here and that we can build a fairer and more prosperous independent country,» he reiterated.

Another True North poll, published on Friday, shows that 54 percent of Scots would reject separation from England.